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Treviso Tecnologia

Treviso Tecnologia is the Special Agency for Innovation Technology, created by Treviso Chamber of Commerce, in the 1989 to promote an innovation oriented business culture, being close to SMEs through:

  • Developing services and projects with innovative and cutting edge technological contents, strongly connected with scientific world and universities
  • Realizing innovative training paths to create global professionalisms and specialised skills in a lifelong learning vision
  • Supporting and technically assisting companies to realize projects aimed at certificating products and systems through international standards

Treviso Tecnologia will play as the Project Partner Leader within the InnoSkills Project. Particularly, it will manage the integration, updating and localisation phases. As project leader, Treviso Tecnologia will ensure an effective project partnership management through project management tools.


is a technology transfer organisation founded in 1997. The aim of its activities is the dissemination and exploitation of new information and communication technologies (ICT) in the business sector, in the field of education, science and public services. Specific areas of expertise that are related to this project are:

  • Development of concepts and tools for informal learning and knowledge management
  • Stimulation of innovation by optimization of business processes and human resource development
  • Network management to link science and business, research and application, technology and humans, our region and Europe.

LiNK was contractor of the InnoSupport project that developed the guide on Innovation Management.

LiNK brings in the results, experience and network contacts of the InnoSupport project. Within the InnoSkills project LiNK will concentrate on the extension of the portal and learning environment on Innovation Management that provides access to the learning material and additional useful resources and that supports collaborative and informal learning process at the workplace for staff in SME.


supports basic and further training by task-related activities and applied research particularly by giving assistance to the management of projects, knowledge transfer, development of networks and innovative concepts for training and further education at regional, national and international level. Pro-Kompetenz supports decision makers, education providers and other actors in the field of professional training and further training. Project related experiences are:

  • Monitoring, evaluation and quality assurance
  • Development, introduction and evaluation of education concepts and learning materials
  • Methodical/didactic aspects of new forms of learning The institute is involved in networks of education providers, social institutions and companies.

Quality assurance and internal project evaluation, based on the concept - "PaME" - Process accompanying Monitoring and Evaluation"© pro-kompetenz 2007

  • To use the concept as internal management and learning tool for optimizing project outcome.
  • To employ a participatory and reflective evaluation in order not only to assist the coordinator, but also to enable partners to an ongoing project assessment continuously optimizing project result.

The quality assurance concept is mainly perceived as an active intervention of using relevant tools and monitoring questions/feedback related to the project development which help in assessing needs, objectives, target group, proceedings etc. in order to adapting or improving them whenever this is required, developing and implementing also the respective evaluation tools.

E-Learning concepts Rietsch KEG

is a private SME, founded in Austria in 1995. The firm is specialized in the development of E-Learning. The company is a well-known E-Learning specialist on tailored learning applications for continuing education in Austria. The firm co-operates since 1995 with the Institute of Small Business at the University of Economics and Business Administration in Vienna in the field of Innovation management (Project TRIZ Check up of your business idea, FP6 project SME environment etc). The company has been a contractor and co-ordinator of the Leonardo Projects TOOL&MODEL (1996) and the project TOGETHER (1999), it was a project partner in Performance Bridge ( LdV, 2002), NEWorker (LdV, 2003), EDUET (MINERVA, 2004), B-Learning4all (LdV 2006) and coordinates the projects ADysTrain (LdV 2006) and E-DysGate (GRUNDTVIG 2006).

E-Learning concepts (ELC) will contribute to all work packages. Our main role in this project will be to transfer the innovative contents/methodologies to the context in Austria in cooperation with our support partners. The main direction is the provision of an appropriate area for learning and communication to Austrian SMEs and all interested individuals, trainers etc. The activities will include in general localisation, development and translation of new contents, workshops, presentations of conferences etc. ELC will lead the WP5 (piloting) on development of the pilot concepts and evaluation tools together with pro-kompetenz, providing pilots in Austria, summarising case studies on using the portal etc.

The University of West Bohemia (UWB)

was established by the decree of the Czech National Council in 1991 when the Institute of Technology in Pilsen and the College of Education were merged. It has 7 faculties (mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, applied sciences, education, economics, philosophy and law) with 61 departments, Institute of Design, Life-long Learning Centre, New Technologies Research Centre and some other units. The UWB has 17270 students (996 Ph.D.) and 1630 employees (academic staff 907).

Since 1996, UWB has operated the Science and Technology Park in accordance in mutual cooperation with the Business Innovation Centre (BIC) Plzen, and is an associate to the project of the Plzen Science and Technology Park.

The main roles of the UWB in the project will be:

  • to review existing materials on Innovation Management (leader of WP 1),
  • to participate in the update and extension of the Innosupport guide, localization to the Czech language and to specific conditions of the country (legal system, national innovation system, etc.)
  • to pilot the modules both in the university and SME environments in cooperation with regional and national networks (BIC, Chambers of Commerce, Association for Innovative Entrepreneurship)
  • dissemination and valorisation of created content (collecting and processing of feedback, assistance in life-long learning, workshops and seminars)


Science and Technology Park of Covilhã is an organization oriented to the support and fostering of new technology based businesses, providing support services to start-ups and infra-structures that fit the needs of the new entrepreneurs and assure them the best conditions for the consolidation of their business during the first years of the company. It aims, also, to create the links between the university, in particular, University of Beira Interior (UBI), and the local companies, as well as to promote the R&D supply meet the demands of Parkurbis-based businesses.

The activity of Parkurbis respects 4 main areas: promotion of entrepreneurship, support to the creation of new technology based firms, support to the consolidation of the new technology based firms and the support to internationalization processes. Some of the main goals are, as well, supporting UBI research projects, working as an interface between UBI and Parkurbis-based companies; promoting activities in the sphere of technological research; supporting integrated development in the region and the establishment of highly qualified professionals.

The role of Parkurbis, in the development of InnoSkills has special focus on:

  • Localization of existing materials to the Portuguese context;
  • Translation, update and extension of existing materials;
  • Implementation of the pilot phase with target groups;
  • Dissemination and valorisation
  • Coordination of the dissemination and valorisation phase


is the Special Agency of the Chambers of Commerce of Florence and Prato and acts as an institutional facilitator of innovation processes. This innovation mission is reached through: knowledge and competence development within and among local socio-economic and technological stakeholders; the dissemination of information on technological and research opportunities; the supply of technological and innovation services; the support to the interaction between SMEs and research centres; the development of complex technological programs in co-operation with innovation stakeholders such as public organisations, research institutions, universities, industrial and entrepreneurial associations, trade unions, environmental and cultural associations.

Implement the project in the Region of Tuscany. TINNOVA's involvement in the Innoskills project will focus on the following work packages of the project:

  • Review of existing material on Innovation Management
  • Update and extension of the learning material
  • Localisation of the learning material
  • Testing and experimenting phase
  • Dissemination and Valorisation
  • Project Management and quality management