Guide for Informal Learning

The Project Innoskills has provided a specific phase of field-testing of materials and contents produced and made available within the Portal

Each partner of the consortium has therefore projected and managed different kinds of investigations. The aim was to identify, for each geographical area of reference, case studies and best practices on the use of the portal and the tools for the “informal-“ and “cooperative-“ learning made available online.

The result is a composite and highly differentiated experience. It has revealed how the InnoSkills Guide, the contents and the tools devised and implemented within the portal, may respond to different needs from diverse contexts.

The "Informal Learning Guide” is therefore a further contribution specifically developed within the Project Innoskills. It collects and presents the most significant results emerged during the test on the usability dedicated to the portal in general and tools available online connected to the informal and cooperative learning.

The Guide is constructed in three parts. The first one gathers and describes the test experiences of the Platform built by diverse partners; the second one presents online tools available within the Innovation Rooms; the last one analyzes the experiences and the tools described. Moreover it permits to discuss the development of the main elements that identify the different approaches and the paths generated by the partners in the Project Innoskills.

The Infomal Learing guide is available here.