Learning objective

After reading the component you will have the capability to explain what Attribute Listing is, describe the implementation procedure and give one or more examples. You will know how to implement the technique with a small group and you will understand how it can be combined with other creative techniques. It will take approx 30 minutes to read this module and it takes approx one hour to conduct it with a group of people.


Picture in your mind a drink of cola? If I were to ask you to describe the drink, what brand would it be, Coca Cola, Pepsi? Is it in a can, small or large bottle, from a dispenser, in a branded fridge? What type of coke is it; Diet, cherry flavoured? There are many, many variations of the cola drink and companies such as Pepsi & Coca Cola have expanded and targeted new market segments by introducing new alternatives to the original product and as a result have become market leaders in the soft-drinks market.

Attribute listing is a creative technique that can assist you to expand and diversify you product and service range. Read on and you will find out how this simple technique can be used very effectively in your business.

Are you interested in expanding your product range or are looking for a new approach to doing business, then Attribute Listing could help you achieve this goal.

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