4.5.3 How to use Attribute Listing?

The steps involved in Attributing listing can be described as follow

  • Assemble a group of 6-8 people with expertise in a range of fields
  • Examine the necessary or pre-requisite elements of the product or process
  • Ask if these prerequisites are they really necessary or can they be changed?
  • Break up the existing product, service or system into its "elements" i.e. parts, properties, quantities, components, design
  • Draw a table with columns and rows and list the elements as column headings
  • Use creative idea generating techniques and list as many alternatives to each of these elements as possible.

This is where brainstorming techniques are very useful. Apply the rules of brainstorming to come up with a wide and varied selection of alternative attributes

  • Randomly combine the results to come up with interesting alternative solutions
  • Discuss and evaluate their feasibility