Learning objective

After reading the component you will understand how to implement the group creative technique - Method 635. You will be able to understand what the technique is, as well as how and where to use it particularly in situations where they may want to generate new product ideas, find solutions for a problem or find a new way of doing things.
This component should take 20 minutes to read and the actual 635 Method should take approximately 40-60 minutes to conduct with a group of six people.


We explored Brainstorming in module 4.2 and found that it involves a group of people working together to create ideas and potential solutions to a problem. However, do you feel that brainstorming might be too vague or that members of your team might need more direction or focus? You might also be afraid that not all members will participate in brainstorming as they might not like to speak in a group situation or might feel that their suggestions will not be valued or recognised or maybe worse stolen! Then Method 635 might just be the solution you are looking for

Method 635 is a written form of brainstorming often referred to as "brainwriting"; and basically involves writing down the ideas on paper. Other members of the group take the initial ideas generated and expand upon them.

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