4.3.6 Summary of Key Points

Method 635 is a Creative Technique used to find solutions to a specific problem. It derives from three basic principles:

  • 6 participants note down
  • ideas [in 5 minutes] and pass them on
  • 5 times

Each of the 6 participants writes down 3 ideas on a sheet of paper, these three ideas are expanded upon by his/her 5 colleagues, resulting in 18 ideas being generated on each sheet of paper.  With 6 sheets of paper that equals 108 ideas!

The technique can be used to Idea generating, finding solutions to a problem, finding new ways of doing things, team building, improving and encouraging team members to impart ideas and solutions.


In this module you learned about the creative technique Method 635, you also learned how and where to use it particularly in situations where they may want to generate new product ideas, find solutions for a problem or find a new way of doing things. 

Test Question:
Please answer the questions at first for yourself. Following, compare your considerations by clicking at the "i" on the right hand side.

  1. Why the technique is called "635"?
  2. Please name some prerequisites for implementing the technique
  3. What can "Method 635" be used for?