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More resources for micro companies


In the framework of the InnoLocalSupp project, the partners have adapted and updated parts of the content which has been included in this platform afterwards.

Based on the results of the previous analysis about specific needs of micro companies in certain local environments, the partnership agreed to develop a set of resources according to the requirements of this specific target group.

The new resources have been included in different sections of the innosupport platform. We always have to understand them in the framework of the Innovation Guide (they can not be understood separately). In the following the elaborated resources are explainedand and it is indicated where the user can find all contributions on

These are the complete modules which have been brought in by authors of the InnoLocalSupp project consortium:

Furthermore new components were developed for existing modules. These components were introduced in order to point out how micro companies can benefit from introducing innovation managment in daily business routine:

Finally specific contributions describe the situation in micro companies and how they are able to apply innovation management in their environment in a better and easier way. These articles were add to the existing modules and chapters. They can be found under the topic "Related Resources".