2.2.5 Case Studies/ Examples

Company X has set the following objective: "To release an innovative service during the next two years." The managing director (MD) gathered all employees to exchange ideas and conducted a SWOT analysis for this purpose.

  • Step 1: Purpose of conducting SWOT analysis- To release an innovative service during the next two years
  • Step 2: The gathering of information on Strengths and Weaknesses focused on the internal factors and the gathering of information on Opportunities and Threats should focus on the external factors .
  • Step 3: The manager of the enterprise encouraged all the members of staff to freely express their opinions about what they felt to be appropriate.
  • Step 4: Following the implementation steps the SWOT team resulted to the following SWOT matrix:

  Source: http://www.rapidbi.com/created/SWOTanalysis.html

  • Step 5: After evaluating the ideas and the matrix, the team with the manager produced an action plan including:
    • Training on sales for the junior manager and training for the marketing assistant
    • Training of sales representatives on the new product in order to support their sale activity
    • The advertising strategy will change in order to better target the customers and position the product as innovative without spending too much budget
    • MD will focus on his responsibilities and share the remaining duties to the suitable units - employees
    • Regular creative meetings so that marketing unit and MD have a good interaction and flow of information but without mixing their tasks and duties. The result should be solutions to change Derf1 in order to compete with our competitors and make the difference!
    • The HR manager will mediate the conflict between the Managing director and the marketing manager to find a solution for pricing strategy
    • The enterprise must maintain the reputation for good quality (competitive advantage)
    • As the designer of Derf1 did not do a good job there is the opportunity to hire professional help for design improvements
    • There is an opportunity for marketing research that will give feedback for improving Derf1 making it acceptable to the market.
    • There is also an opportunity to rely on experienced manufacturers to produce the new products. Etc.