Websites used:

RapidBI Limited, 2002 - 2008, England, last viewed 25 June 2008, 
www.rapidbi.com/created/SWOTanalysis.html It is a website supported by a small virtual team of organisation development specialists dedicated to practical solutions to business improvement. It includes data gathering, analysis, identifying key leverage points and providing skills development to enable business advisers and consultants to implement successful change.

InnoSupport: Supporting Innovations in SME. 2.2 SWOT analysis, 2005,
http://archive.innosupport.net, viewed 25 June 2008

Mind Tools Ltd, 1995-2008, last viewed 25 June 2008,
www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newTMC_05.htm This website offers information and tools on change management, decision making, problem solving, project management, leadership skills, etc.

Alan Chapman, 1995-2008, last viewed 25 June 2008,
www.businessballs.com/swotanalysisfreetemplate.htm Businessballs is a free ethical learning and development resource for people and organisations, run by Alan Chapman, in Leicester, England. In general, Businessballs materials are free to use for anyone in education, personal development, management, leadership and organisational development.

Mftrou.com, last viewed 25 June 2008, 
www.mftrou.com/how-to-do-a-SWOT-analysis.html This website provides support including management articles and resources on decision making, stress management, time management, effective management, etc.

ROK Connect Limited, 2008, last viewed 25 June 2008,
www.bizhelp24.com/marketing/swot-analysis---understanding-your-business-3.html BizHelp24 is a UK business and finance resource providing Small Business Help, Start up Information, news and services; for individuals and Sole Traders. Comprehensively covering a wide range of key business, finance, and service topics.

For further reading:


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Marketing Teacher Ltd, 2000 - 2008, last viewed 25 June 2008,
www.marketingteacher.com/Lessons/lesson_swot.htm This website includes key marketing topics and has an international appeal to marketing learners, teachers and professionals.

Rodger Constandse, 2004 - 2008, last viewed 25 June 2008,
www.timethoughts.com/goalsetting/swot-analysis.htm This website offers best and worst cases, guidance for a business getting started, etc.

Wikimedia Foundation, Inc, last viewed 25 June 2008,
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Positioning_(marketing) Definitions in the glossary are derived by this website. Wikipedia is a multilingual, Web-based, free content encyclopedia project.