3.2.4 Case study

This casestudy is about a Small Enterprise which produces complex metal processing machines controlled by computers. From time to time there are some malfunctions; bad parts purchased from suppliers make their way onto the production line and affect efficiencies and the end quality of machines produced. Therefore, the company decide to analyse its procurement activity and they prepare the flowchart.

As the team members want to analyse the malfunctions together, they use a brainstorming techni

Steps for creating a flowchart are:

  • Familiarise the participants with the flowchart symbols
  • Brainstorm the major process tasks
  • Draw the process flowchart on a flip chart using the symbols. Every process will have a start and an end (shown by elongated circles). All processes will have tasks and most will have decision points (shown by a diamond)
  • Analyse the flowchart for such items as: decision making points, what can go wrong at a particular step, time-per-event, operation or task repeats, duplication of effort, unnecessary tasks, etc.

1. STEP: First, they brainstorm mayor process tasks by answering the following questions during a brainstorming session:

  • What really happens next in the process?
  • Does a decision need to be made before taking the next step?
  • What approval is required before moving on to the next task?
  • Is there anything in this step which could go wrong?

They get the following answers: see table 5: Case Study


Think over where you should put the documents and the symbols?

2. STEP: The team leader familiarises the participants with the flowchart symbols.

3. STEP: They allocate the symbols to the different tasks and they match the documents with the necessary steps.  

Think over the following points and try to answer these questions according to the operations in your organisation!
How do new products, technologies and services develop in your sector?
Which factors or factor constellations typically drive radical innovations?
How can the role of different actors or actor groups in an innovation system be determined?

Please see table 6: Case Study, check your knowledg