Learning objective

"The best way to get a good idea is to get a lot of ideas"
(Linus Pauling)

After reading this component you will have learnt what creativity, the foundation of generating ideas is based on, why and how stimulating creative solutions in an organisation is recommended;  You will be able to distinguish and trigger individual creativity, group creativity and organisational creativity identifying factors that stimulate or block creativity. Finally, you will be able to create your specific creativity-booster in your organization. It will take you 60 minutes to go through this component.


Behind every successful business there is at least one creative mind. Nowadays, creativity, innovation and the effective use of knowledge represent the requirements for survival in business. Therefore, the optimal exploitation of organisational creativity, innovation and knowledge is the great challenge for all enterprises whatever their size and sector.

No matter how blurry and mystical the origin of creativity seems, it is already sure: creativity is not just a natural talent with which we were either born or not. It is more like a natural skill of individuals, groups and organizations as well. Creativity can be developed and learnt by everyone: developing creativity in an organisation requires a mixture of elements both of personal behaviour and environmental.2


1 The module is based on previous versions of an introduction to creativity developed for this guide. The module has been considerably updated within the InnoLocalSupp project (2010). A specific chapter referring to micro-SMEs has been included
Stemberg, Robert J. Cambridge (1999). Handbook of creativity. Cambridge University Press.


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