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After reading the component you will have the capability to explain what brainstorming is, describe the implementation procedure and give one or more examples. You will also learn about other forms of brainstorming and how combining it with other creative procedures can enhance the technique.  It will take approx 30 minutes to read this module and it takes approx. 40 – 50 minutes to conduct it with a group of people.


All companies and organisations need to be creative and innovative if they wish to remain competitive and to continue to meet the demands of their customers and the changing marketplace. Innovative companies have the ability to break into new markets and improve their productivity and in particular their profitability. Successful innovation can lead to new products, new processes and new ways of working. They require a steady flow of good ideas, knowledge and resources. 

Often the best place to find or generate ideas is by involving your employees.  Take time out to think and encourage others to do the same. Record and evaluate your ideas and act on the best ones. Simple techniques such as brainstorming can get the ideas flowing, help you to organise them and save you time.

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