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Further Reading
There are an extensive range of books available on brainstorming. Go to www.amazon.com or http://books.google.com/bkshp?hl=en&tab=wp and conduct a search on brainstorming. These sites give a comprehensive list of books on the topic and in some instances you can preview pages from the book. Some of those listed include:

Eightstorm: Eight Step Brain Storming for Innovative Managers by Kishore Dharmarajan (Paperback - Jun 22, 2007)
Written in the form of a fable, Eightstorm introduces an advanced brainstorming process which claims to be able to turn anyone into a highly innovative corporate thinker.

Instant Creativity: Simple Techniques to Ignite Innovation & Problem Solving (Paperback) by Brian Clegg (Author), Paul Birch (Author)
Is a collection of tried and tested techniques to encourage individuals and groups to make the most of their creativity. It offers over 70 quick and simple exercises to help find fresh ideas and solutions to problems.

Creative Business Solutions: Breakthrough Thinking: Brainstorming for Inspiration and Ideas (Creative Business Solutions) (Paperback) by Nick Souter (Author)
Filled with lessons, tests, puzzles, and visual riddles that kick-start the flow of ideas, this guide identifies four major destructive work patterns and offers insightful ways to overcome them.

Tony Buzan the inventor of Mindmaps has written a large range of books on the topic of mind mapping, the following books contains examples of thinking tools and practical Mind Map examples, including running a meeting, preparing for an interview and starting up a new venture

The Ultimate Book of Mind Maps by Tony Buzan 2006
How to Mind Map: The thinking tool that will change your like by Tony Buzan 2002

Similarly there are an array of websites explaining brainstorming and its many variations, including:

Nominal Group Technique explained in more detail

Conducting a general search of the word brainstorming or brainwriting will give you a wide variety of webpages offering explanations, advice and software on how to use brainstorming. Some of the websites offering electronic brainstorming include: