4.4.2 Why use it

This method can help us to find ideas for solving a problem. We all have stored a lot of information in our brains, personal experiences and information we have kept from other sources like TV programmes, movies, books etc. When we get into a certain situation where we have to find a way to solve a problem, it helps us to mobilize that information which had been used in a comparable situation.
This is generally very useful, especially if colleagues from very different background of knowledge and experience come together to discuss a problem. Have you ever been a member of such a diverse team?1
Analogies move people to fresh perspectives that provide new connections for new ideas. Using more tools brings problem solvers to more perspectives. This variety and richness increases the possibility of success in applying creativity to problems.2
It is used to better identify and understand problems. Drawing analogy might provide insight into how to solve a business problem.3

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