4.6.1 What does management of internal innovative proposals mean?

“Systemic Management of internal innovative proposals refers to a framework for promoting, conducting, using and stimulating any innovative idea from within the organisation”.1 As employees work very closely with instruments, materials, management of orders and deliveries, they are in an ideal situation to make suggestions on how to make work easier, processes more effective or improve the quality of products and services. This way, company’s staff becomes a continuous source for innovation, mostly in terms of small improvements of products, marketing and services as well as processes and structures (better work flow, improvement of customers relation, cost/material reductions etc.). In order to make profit from this source of innovative ideas, we have to create conditions for stimulating creation and transfer of ideas and to apply adequate tools for successful use of innovative proposals. This requires a proper culture and structure within the company.2

1InnoSupport: Supporting Innovations in SME. 4.7 Systematic management of internal innovative proposals, 2005
2 See also component 10.2 Company culture of this Guide