4.6.5 Summary of Key Points

In many countries and regions in Europe there are many SMEs with little or no R&D potentials. Under these circumstances, smaller continuous improvements of products and services play an important role. Employees are a continuous source of innovation, mostly by way of small improvements. In order to make profit from this source of innovative ideas, we have to create conditions for stimulating creation and transfer of ideas and for applying adequate tools for successfully using innovative proposals. This requires a proper culture and structure within the company and the proper application of motivating tools.

The main objective of this component was to raise awareness about how important internal proposals of the staff are for continuous (smaller) improvements in the company. The article aims to support you to organise a systematic management of internal innovative proposals. Therefore, we presented ways of motivation and tried to give guidance for the step by step implementation. Now, after reading and reflecting about this topic, we suggest you initiate some concrete actions immediately. If you fail to do so some ideas and opportunities for innovation can easily get lost in daily routine.