Learning objective

After reading the component, you will be aware about creative method TILMAG, to adapt it for solution of a problem or concern in your organization. You will also learn about five steps needed to be observed in TILMAG process and provide you Case Study for practical use and, perhaps, adapt the method in your working place. It will take less than 30 minutes to read the theory with an example, but you will need some extra time to test it in your organization.


In previous chapters you obtained information about several innovative tools for solutions of problems or concerns. And possibly now you are thinking - why should I have to learn so much and try new problem solving methods and tools in my organization? Because - only those organizations, which have discovered the most effective methods for solving problems, will go ahead and remain competitive internationally!

Have you ever heard of the creative method “TILMAG”? Possibly – never! Let’s start to discover this simple and practical method, which can be used in your organization to find a solution to a problem in systematic and structured way. TILMAG helps everybody to acquire knowledge that is outside the expert's field of experience!

Let’s go to the next chapters, where detailed information and the example will guide you.

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