4.7.1 What is TILMAG?

TILMAG was developed by Helmut Schlicksupp in Battelle-Institut in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and stands for "Transformation idealer Lösungselemente durch Matrizen der Assoziations und gemeinsamkeitenbildung," the "transformation of ideal solution elements through the matrices of formation of associations and commonalities".1

TILMAG has a structured and systematic approach to define ideal solutions for a problem or concern, create and explore associations based on paired combinations of Ideal Solution Elements (ISEs) and use these associations to inspire unusual and breakthrough ideas to solve the problem.2

TILMAG is only one of several creative thinking and problem solving methods, but the most effective use of TILMAG is for problems, which requires new concepts or configurations.

1 http://www.realinnovation.com/content/c061218a.asp
Alikalfa E., Ph.D Student. Creativity Tools. Quality Technology and Management Division, Mechanical Engineering Department, Linkopings University.