4.7.2 Why use TILMAG?

Organizations have to quickly meet the variable needs of their customers and adapt to a changing business environment in order to compete successful internationally. That means, the approach of solving problems have to be systematic and structured. And the nature of TILMAG is based on a structured approach by incorporating associations in a special matrix for further developing the best solutions for a problems or concerns.

This innovation method is also highly complementary when used with other creativity methodologies such as TRIZ1 or Brainstorming2. In the case of TRIZ, TILMAG allows comparisons and facilitates the identification of contradictory ISEs. With Brainstorming, TILMAG helps scope and focus the creative process, increasing the quality of the generated solutions and reducing the difficulty of the problem at hand.3

Therefore, practical use of creative method such as TILMAG for problem solving and generating new ideas will advance your organization helping it to achieve business success in highly competitive markets.

Is your organization solving problem in strategic and creative way? Which method do you use most often? Will you continue to approach problems in same way? Be patient, and you will discover and apply this easy method to find the most effective solutions for your problem or concern.

1 Please see component 4.9 of this guide for details
2 Please see component 4.2 of this guide for details
3 http://www.realinnovation.com/content/c061218a.asp