4.9.3 Where can TRIZ used?

TRIZ works! Large and small companies are using TRIZ on many levels to solve real, practical everyday problems and to develop strategies for the future of technology. 1
TRIZ enhances the competitive position of any technology-based organisation therefore many World-leading organizations have studied and used the TRIZ method. These include, Allied Signal Aerospace Sector, Chrysler Corp., Emerson Electric, Ford Motor Co., General Motors Corp., Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, 3M, Siemens, Phillips, LG Rockwell International, UNISYS, Xerox Corporation, Sony and hundreds more. TRIZ was originally created to deal with mechanical problem solving, however, it has now been applied to many other fields including electronics, biology, management, sustainable development and environmental problems.

Please stop and think: Regardless of whether you are a producer or a service provider, it’s time to think about your existing products, services, manufacturing processes and technologies. Will they still be competitive enough in the next few years? Have you thought about some improvements in order to reduce the prime costs of your firm?

1 http://www.triz-journal.com/whatistriz_orig.htm