4.9.4 How to apply TRIZ?

TRIZ is a way of thinking, a philosophy, a collection of methods and tools. TRIZ is not something that you will learn in a 20 minutes talk or reading. To become proficient in it requires commitment and loads of practice. But in the following 30 minutes we try to provide you, using straightforward language, with information on the practical application of TRIZ method which you can use in your firm. General problem solving process

Before the study of TRIZ method for problem solving, let’s bear in mind a process for general problem solving. Primarily, the majority of people search for parallel problems to quickly find ready-made solutions. When a parallel solution is found, then it is adapted to the particular problem to discover the most appropriate solution. The model for general problem solving is described in Figure 1.1

Figure 1: General problem solving model

G.S. Altshuller based the developed the TRIZ method on the general approach to problem solving shown in Figure 1. Now it’s time to become more familiar with the basics of the TRIZ method. The TRIZ process and practical example

Figure 2 is a simple graph, what demonstrates the five general steps which you need to consider when finding the best solution for your technical problem. For a better understanding of the theoretical material, we will provide you with a simple example in conjunction with the theory. Let’s find out now in Figure 21.
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