5.1.2 Why use a decision-making process?

For most of familiar everyday problems, decisions based on intuition can produce acceptable results because they involve few objectives and only one or two decision-makers. In business environment the problems are usually more complex. Most decisions involve multiple objectives, several decision-makers, and are subject to external review.
A well-organized decision-making process employing credible evaluation methods will provide:

  • Structure to approach complex problems
  • Basis for decisions
  • Uniformity in the decision making process
  • Objectivity
  • Documented assumptions, criteria, and values used to make decisions
  • Decisions that are repeatable, reviewable, revisable, and easy to understand

Using such approach can help avoid misunderstandings that can lead to disputes about the validity of the analyses, and eventually slow down the whole process. Its use will set a baseline for continuous improvement in decision making in your company.

1This part has been taken from Baker D. et al., Guidebook to Decision-Making Methods, page 1