4.9.5 Additional TRIZ tools

The TRIZ methodology can be adapted to different kinds of problem solving. The TRIZ method is relatively simple but forces the user to pre-formulate the problem in terms of standard engineering parameters. Therefore, we will introduce you shortly to two additional tools which will help you to implement TRIZ in your firm:

1) ARIZ  - Algorithm for Inventive Problem Solving1 

ARIZ is the central analytical tool of TRIZ. It is a systematic procedure for identifying solutions without apparent contradictions. Depending on the nature of the problem, anywhere from five to sixty steps may be involved.
Basic steps include:2

  1. Formulate the problem
  2. Transform the problem into a model
  3. Analyse the model
  4. Resolve physical contradictions
  5. Formulate ideal solution.

2) TRIZ software3

Because TRIZ is built on a database of hundreds of thousands of patents, principles, operators, contradictions, etc. using the software helps engineers and innovators with minimal training achieve timely results. Here is a description of some of the software packages available:

Helps to improve existing designs, manufacturing processes, system performance, system quality, manufacturing cost, patent applications and product features.

Uses ARIZ. Helps you to create abstract models of a system, including the formulation of contradictions and envisioning of the ideal situation. Idealization is a process used to bring your system as close to ideal as possible. Innovation Mini-Guide contains approximately 100 technical applications of physical, chemical and geometrical effects.

Eliminator (Appetizer)
The Ideation Appetizer is designed to help you find truly elegant and innovative problem solutions without any drawbacks or tradeoffs.

Innovation Workbench TM (IWB)
If you are interested to learn more about additional TRIZ tools, we suggest you to go to the following web site: www.mazur.net/triz/

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2 www.mazur.net/triz
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