4.9.6 Summary of Key Points

TRIZ is an effective and creative problem-solving method, what addresses the problem of determining and categorizing all features and aspects of technological processes, technical systems and even the inventive processes themselves which have to be invented and/or improved. TRIZ is an effective method to find the best solutions to technical based problems without spending time conducting your own research, while utilising the database of millions of successful patents. The main elements for the successful application of the TRIZ method are formulating your problem in terms of Contradictions, defining Engineering Parameters for your problem and detection respective Inventive Principles in the Contradiction Matrix. Finally, the discovered Inventive Principles need to be analysed and adapted to your problem. TRIZ is not a method which can be learned in one day, but if your goal is to become faster and more innovative than your competitors, you will definitely make use of it in your organization.

In this component you learned what TRIZ is and how to apply it in order to determine the best solutions to technically based problems. The module described the 5 steps of the TRIZ approach giving practical examples. Now you know where to find potential answers on your problems – at Contradiction Matrix.

TRIZ will allow you to find valuable solutions more quickly and with less effort. But – TRIZ supports thinking, but it doesn’t replace it!1

1 Michael A.Orloff (2005). Inventive Thinking through TRIZ – A practical Guide (the 2nd edition), p IX