6.3.2 Where can you use product testing?

While most product testing is conducted in the food and beverage industries, the con-cepts and methods of product testing are applicable to virtually all product categories, although the structure and mechanics of execution will vary greatly from product cate-gory to product category. For example, computer software can be tested, furniture can be tested, store environments can be tested, dog food can be tested, airline ser-vice can be tested, equipment prototypes can be tested, etc.

The ultimate benefit of product testing is competitive advantage. Product superiority is the surest way to dominate a product category or an industry. Companies dedicated to product testing can achieve product superiority, and achieve a competitive advan-tage of great strategic significance. Companies that ignore product improvement and product testing, on the other hand, may wake up one morning to find themselves on the brink of extinction from a competitor who has built “a better mousetrap.”1 

Product testing can be used in all types of product industries – any type of company that designs and/or manufactures a physical product.

1 Thomas, Jerry W.: Product Testing. 1993