6.3.7 Summary of Key points

As you have seen from this component product testing and rapid prototyping is especially helpful in maintaining the spirits of all those involved and supports the communication of an image of an innovative organisation. Knowledge of the main product testing methods like exploratory tests, assessment tests, validation and comparison tests combined with your ability to quickly and profes-sionally produce models of new products by using rapid prototyping, enhances your organisations innovation activities. The development of models and prototypes can reduce the development cost and product development cycle of your innovation process.

In this module you learned about the basics of product testing or product usability testing strategies as well about the rapid prototyping. You have an overview of how this process is important in the improvement of product manufacturing. You have studied how you can undertake a product testing process and which key points should be considered before your company begins to produce a new product. With the help of this module you can get involved in rapid prototyping in a professional manner providing you follow the internationally agreed process structure.