6.4.4 Where to use PLM

Almost all PLM solutions are focused on engineering companies. These kinds of companies have been the first to adopt such a solution to create innovative products reducing cost and other expenses. Nowadays, the number of SMEs which clearly benefits from PLM solutions is increasing very quickly.

Now it’s your turn – Indicators of PLM needs. Ask yourself the following questions:1

  1. Does your company manage the drafts and models created with CAD systems?
  2. Are the Engineering Change Orders managed by manual procedures?
  3. Do your engineers waste time searching for the appropriate information or working with wrong versions?
  4. Do you have fluent communication with your providers, external experts and clients?
  5. Does your company collaborate with external experts on the web?
  6. Do “information islands” (Engineering, marketing, production, quality etc) exist with problems to communicate between them?
  7. Does your company need to distribute designs and production?
  8. Does your company get the most out of the previous designs?
  9. Does your company use express courier as external collaboration?
  10. Are work teams changed frequently?
  11. Does your company launch new products often?
  12. Do your projects suffer from important delays?
  13. Do you have to work from CAD 2D to CAD 3D?
  14. Do you find it difficult to manage the Bills of Materials?
  15. Are your competitors launching more products than your company?

If you feel uncomfortable with 3 or more questions, your company could clearly benefit from a PLM solution.  

1 Questions taken from www.ariondata.com/PLM/Indicadores_PLM.htm