6.4.5 Case study

Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd. Electric Life Solutions Company1 designs and produces innovative electric gadgets such as vacuum cleaners with emissions reduction, fans that generate negative ions, etc. The company wanted to help its workers to work more efficiently so that the information about the products and processes were more accessible to the whole company. The managers thought of implementing a PLM solution which involved engineering systems along with the bill of material as well as the system to assign costs to the different components. That entailed a wide flow of information accessible to different areas of the company such as design, manufacturing, quality control, etc. Implementing the PLM solutions meant an improvement in the collaboration between different work groups in the company.

Business challenges:

  • Create innovating electrical appliances
  • Increase efficiency through product’s information made more accessible to all the departments.

Success keys:

  • PLM solution installation to manage product’s information
  • Use the PLM solution to link the information of all departments involved in product development (design, manufacturing, quality control, sales…)


  • Design, materials, quality control and manufacturing work groups have available straightaway the information concerning the product that involves an increase in collaboration
  • Increase in the efficiency due to a quicker access to information
  • The work flows are visible to all departments involved in product development
  • Future international development strategies are settled.

Please stop and think: Do you know any other successful example(s) of PLM implementation?

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