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General description of an innovation audit

It offers a brief introduction of the tools used for innovation auditing and its application areas.

This website includes an introduction to innovation management and tools for management of innovation, such as: Technology Forecasting, Patent analysis, Communities of practice, Tools to scan the internal environment and Audits, etc.

A case study of innovation audit application. CIRCA Group has undertaken a detailed innovation audit of the BMW Region and a pilot innovation implementation project with 17 SMEs in Northern Ireland.

www.cambridgestrategy.com/page_c5_summary.htm#2 :
Cambridge Strategy Publications was formed in 1993 with a mission to put the tools of business best practice directly into the hands of senior managers around the world. It offers around 40 company self-assessment audits and seven full Portfolios available.

www.urenio.org/tools/en/technology_audit.pdf :
A guide for innovation where you can find innovation and knowledge management techniques.
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