7.1.1 What are intellectual property protection (IPR) tools?

The winds of liberalisation are blowing across the globe. With the formation of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) the rules of doing business have changed.1
Significant effort and investments is made by businesses all around the world to establish a distinctive platform to enable consumers to identify the origin of a product / service.

Table 1 illustrates the tools that constitute to the IPR tool kit. It should be realised that each IPR tool protects specific aspects of intellectual creations and it needs to be appreciated that except for copyright (which is governed by the Berne Convention) the rights of the other IPR tools are territorial and therefore need to be registered in the country in which one desires to have the rights. However when combined strategically they help to erect formidable protective barriers with strong enforceability.2

Table 1 – Tools of Intellectual Property Protection

1 This chapter is based on the document of World Intellectual Property Organizations:
2 libd