7.2.5 Case study

Combining Innovative Technology with Artisan Production - Specchio Piuma S.a.S1

The Italian company operates in the following business sector:

  • Architectural infrastructure
  • Theatrical design
  • Packing
  • Exposition structures

It provides consultancy services, design and sales. The company has 6 employees and it’s annual turnover: 450.000,00 (2002). Since its foundation in 1993, the company has used trademark protection for creating a solid corporate identity and a strong external image. Trademark protection has been used for the company's logo, name, and for the commercial name of new products. Such trademarks have given SPECCHIOPIUMA the opportunity to create and maintain a strong corporate identity inside its "High Value" market niche.

The technological environment is dynamic, monitoring and identifying active competitors through participation in international events, exhibitions, marketing enquiries and public relations. Survival in the competitive marketplace is assured by technical innovation, implementation of company services, partnerships and joint ventures. In particular, the enterprise has a strong innovation policy. The strategy applied is strictly combined with customized solutions developed and supplied by the company. Any "out-of-standard" activity is regarded as R&D. The company's goal is to preserve the level of innovation reached with the implementation of IP protection measures. Providing original customized solutions, the company has always used trademark for specific products or solutions developed.

SPECCHIO PIUMA has filed 2 international patents applications, protecting original products, and it plans to continue using IP to protect the results from different R&D contracts carried out in co-operation with industrial partners or customers.
The company integrates its commercial information with the results of its innovation and consequently uses IP commercialisation to highlight the identity of its products.

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