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This component provides the main rules to be followed in order to produce an appropriate website and on-line presentation. It gives examples of some good and bad websites and provides some rules on how to be efficient while searching on the Web. After reading the component you will have the capability to design the content and structure of your own website and you will be able to research effectively on the world wide web. It will take approx 30 minutes to read this module however the time needed to analyze the structure of the given websites may take a bit longer.


All the innovation in the world will not help SME (small and medium enterprise) if the company cannot establish a positive link between the innovation and the market. Using the internet can be a powerful tool to do this, but a basic understanding is required to take advantage.1
For SMEs using Internet is a kind of communication channel between them and customers. The overall aim of this communication is to harvest trust towards the company for the future customers. Use the Internet as a magic wand and enjoy the advantages of being available world wide.
The SMEs have the opportunity to gain potentially huge advantage over their competitors. Over the next few years the Internet is going to completely change the way we do business. It is probably the most important development in business and communication in the history of the global economy. However, because the Internet is developing at such an amazing rate those companies who put off entering the world of online commerce may never be able to catch up with their more forward thinking competitors. For your innovation activity the Internet can offer you a lot. Networking – for instance – is easier to build on the Internet and in the same time can help support you in innovation. We are going to analyze Marketing of Innovation in this component as if this is a kind of product to sell.
The second aspect of this component is that how research can be supported by the Internet. For innovators it is very important to use the most up-to date published information regardless of which field they are active in. If you want to retain a reputation for being innovative you also need to be aware of the latest quality management systems. However, in order to access information easily and use it effectively you should use Internet in a very professional way.
For SME it is strongly advised to consider their profile when developing their appearance on the Internet.

1 InnoSupport: Supporting Innovations in SME. 9.3  Competencies of Internet presentation and research, 2005


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