9.2.2 Where can a SME use the Internet?

There are many ways for SME to use the Internet such as:

  • Improve inventory management systems
  • Decrease wastage in production processes
  • Improve communication between different departments
  • Improve accounting and budgeting practices
  • Reduce global communication costs and geographic barriers
  • Expand client base through e-marketing
  • Link to local and global supply chains and outsourcing opportunities
  • Share and learn new business practices
  • e-Learning
  • Simplify government services (e.g. business registration and filing taxes)
  • e-Commerce and e-Payments1
  • Human resources management
  • Research and Development

After reading about the use of the Internet for SME’s – to what extent are the fields mentioned above relevant for your company? Are you currently using some of these tools? Identify fields where it can be useful eg. use of free skype for communication with foreign customers, reading and uploading blogs on latest results, etc.

1 Internet Use for Business Development www.unescap.org/icstd/events/NW_Cambodia_2007/internet-use-for-business-dev.pdf