9.2.1 What does promoting innovation by using the Internet mean?

When you start your enterprise or it starts to grow on the market you recognise more and more your need to be on the world wide web. If you follow the most recent technologies while developing your website you can become more innovative and serve promotional aims as well. The development of a website is a multi-step process. For the person responsible for implementing the website it is valuable to understand each basic step in the process and how they fit together:

  • Analyse: establish the parameters of your website
  • Plan the project: get organised
  • Develop: build up your website
  • Advertise: use the site to generate revenue
  • Be interactive and think of e-business possibilities: provide value to visitors
  • Use effectively multi-media: end-user technology to be considered
  • Be aware of your site marketing: promote the site to increase traffic
  • Measure effectiveness: track the visitors

Each of the above mentioned steps are detailed in the following headings. 

An internet presence is used to promote the innovative nature of companies.  Some argue that the Internet’s gift is found in an obscure design feature called the – end-to-end argument. As is common in many areas of technological development, computer system and computer network development since its inception has exhibited a trend toward modularization.
What was once a single piece of technology “the computer“ becomes an assemblage of parts, some of which are standardized and produced by different parties.1

Think over how you could broaden your business network by the use of Internet tools: your own website, communal portals, links to partner’s website, etc? As a next step think of how you could enhance your innovative ideas or products by using your networks on the world wide web to reach target groups?

1 Shaping Infrastructure and Innovation on the Internet www.spcomm.uiuc.edu/csandvig/research/Communication_Infrastructure_and_Innovation.pdf