9.2.6 Case study

The Wentworth is as an Elegant Country Inn with 51 rooms, located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  It offers lodging and fine dining, as well as an exceptional location for weddings or corporate retreats.

The innkeeper, Eleanor Murphy, came to Blizzard in January 2004 in need of a website redesign and subsequent aggressive Internet marketing and promotion for the website.  Their goal: to increase site traffic and overall inn occupancy rates.
Process:  The website redesign was completed in late March 2004, with promotion starting immediately.  Utilizing a clear and fairly large budget, we listed the website in Overture and Google Ad words.  In order to build links and traffic, we began submitting the inn to appropriate Blizzard-recommended lodging directories and numerous niche directories.  Since we host the website and use Blizzard Tracker, we have access to highly detailed website traffic statistics that help us refine our efforts over time.

As a result of a carefully thought out web design with clear navigation, we are able to see that the rooms page is the most popular page beyond the homepage.  Finding that at least 50% of homepage visitors are moving to the interior of the site, and at least 19% are moving on to the reservations page, is excellent.

Please CLICK here to see how Wentworth homepage build up.

Eleanor continually updates the specials and other content on the website. Keeping current and enriching the site aids website visitors, search engine spiders and, ultimately, her business.
The Wentworth’s link popularity has gone from 379 links in February to 963 at the end of October. Using Alexa (where the lower the rating, the more popular the website), we see this site’s rating decreased from 582,693 to 459,082.
When promotion began in March 2004, the site did not appear in the top 50 organic listings in Google for any of their best search terms. A recent check showed The Wentworth is now in the top ten positions for 12 of its best keyword phrases (for example: jackson new hampshire country inn, jackson nh country inn, jackson nh inn, jackson nh hotel and jackson new hampshire hotel) and on the second page for several more.
The Wentworth Inn’s website is an excellent example of what can be accomplished by diligently putting together a successful website promotion – pay-per-click advertising, optimization, directories, link building and good website management.

This Promotion Case Study has been taken from The Wentworth - www.thewentworth.com Mary Bowling, Blizzard Internet Marketing, Inc