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In this website small organizations can learn about web design. It also gives useful tips how to host a web and how to choose domain names. Visit this site if you would like to see website templates. © 1996 - 2008 Killersites.com

www.virtualsalt.com Download vom: 14. August 2008
Please see some useful Internet related items on this website. Copyright 2002, 2008 by Robert Harris

www.ic.gc.ca/epic/site/ic1.nsf/en/home Download vom: 14. August 2008
Industry Canada is a non-profit organization which provides training on different topics related to company development. A useful description is available about website development process which is used in the component as well. Copyright: Industry Canada. The page last updated: 08.09.2008

InnoSupport: Supporting Innovations in SME. 9.3 Competencies of Internet presentation and research, 2005, http://archive.innosupport.net Download vom: 14. August 2008

Sarah Knight - Programme Manager: (2005) Innovative practice with e-Learning

www.jisc.ac.uk/uploaded_documents/publication_txt.pdf  Download vom: 14. August 2008
Sarah Knight, JISC Development Group University of Bristol . © Copyright, 2005.HEFCE

Sandvig, C. (2006). Shaping Infrastructure and Innovation on the Internet. From: D. H. Guston & D. Sarewitz (eds.), Shaping Science and Technology Policy: The Next Generation of Research, pp. 234-255. Madison, Wisc.: University of Wisconsin Press. www.spcomm.uiuc.edu/csandvig/research/Communication
Download vom: 14. August 2008

Capacity Building in Public Policy, National Seminar (from 15 to 16 August 2007) Internet Use for Business Development Phnom Penh, Cambodia. www.unescap.org/icstd/events/NW_Cambodia_2007/internet-use-for-business-dev.pdf
Download vom: 14. August 2008

Michael K. Bergman (December 2004) Guide to Effective Searching of the Internet – 2005

BrightPlanet Corporation www.brightplanet.com/images/stories/pdf/searchenginetutorial.pdf
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Weiterführende Literatur
Deutsche Quellen

Chow, S.-W.: Web 2.0 : Webseiten intelligent verknüpfen ; [Mashups aus Google Maps, Amazon, Flickr und YouTube mit PHP, XML, AJAX & Co.]. Poing, Franzis, 2008

Kain, S.: Erfassung der Aufmerksamkeitsverteilung auf Webseiten : Grundlagen, Konzepte, Methoden. Saarbrücken, VDM Verl. Dr. Müller, 2007

Koch, D.: TYPO3 und TypoScript : Webseiten programmieren, Templates erstellen, Extensions entwickeln ; [alle Beispielskripte zum Download]. München, Hauser, 2006

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Englische Quellen

Susan Sweeney: (2006) 101 Ways to Promote Your Web Site Maximum Press
Langford-Wood, Brian Salter, Naomi Langford-Wood (2004): Internet as a Business Tool, Thorogood

Deutsche Quellen

active value GmbH  http://www.seitwert.de/  Unabhängige Bewertung deutschsprachiger Webseiten. Download vom: 02. März 2009

http://www.webkrauts.de Die Webkrauts setzen sich dafür ein, die Vorteile der Webstandards auch im deutschsprachigen Raum stärker zur Geltung zu bringen. Download vom: 02. März 2009

Englische Quellen

www.microsoft.com/  Download vom: 02. September 2008
Internal site - searchable databases for the internal pages of large sites that are dynamically created.

www.pubmedcentral.nih.gov/  Download vom: 02. September 2008
Publications - searchable databases for current and archived articles

Anywho.com, AT&T Knowledge Ventures
www.anywho.com  Download vom: 02. September 2008
Yellow and White Pages - people and business finders

w3schools.com/, Refsnes Data
www.w3schools.com/ Download vom: 02. September 2008
w3schools contains many tutorials in the field of web design. It is an on-line school providing references, glossaries, tutorials, examples on many field of web content layout and design

www.brightplanet.com/technology/deepweb.asp Download vom: 02. September 2008
BrightPlanet's search technology automates the process of making dozens of direct queries simultaneously using multiple-thread technology and thus is the only search technology, so far, that is capable of identifying, retrieving, qualifying, classifying, and organizing both "deep" and "surface" content.

www.completeplanet.com Download vom: 02. September 2008
There are hundreds of thousands of databases that contain Deep Web content. CompletePlanet is the front door to these Deep Web databases on the Web and to the thousands of regular search engines — it is the first step in trying to find highly topical information. By tracing through CompletePlanet's subject structure or searching Deep Web sites, you can go to various topic areas, such as energy or agriculture or food or medicine, and find rich content sites not accessible using conventional search engines.