9.2.7 Summary of key points

To determine if the resources spent on a website are well spent and that business goals are being attained, a regular review of the website is recommended. If you regularly evaluate your site according to your innovation goals you will get a picture of how effective your promotion tools are. 
The aim of a good website is to provide content and knowledge in its field of competence. This is the same on the reverse. When you are researching on the Internet you will stop and think where you successfully find the information you need.
It is important to consider how your own website would support your business and innovation aims. While building up your own website you almost build up a new business from the aspect that you have to consider the aim, structure, resources, design, competencies, etc. For an SME it is strongly advised to consider their appearance on the Internet properly.

 In this component you have learned about the main rules to be followed in order to produce an appropriate website and on-line presence. You got some examples of good and bad examples. Now you are able to design the content and structure of your website. Now you can handle information and turn it to the advantage of your own innovation process.