10.1.5 Case study

A leading Hungarian pharmaceutical company, Béres Rt. highlights on its website the following advantages of working for the company1:

  • As a market leader the company offers to the employees an outstanding compensation package, a stable job and excellent working conditions.  
  • Being a family-owned company it has preserved its friendly and familial atmosphere.  
  • Due to its innovation and business strategy the company is expanding continuously, thus able to offer employees various challenges and opportunities for continuous development and career.  
  • Being a young enterprise, the company grants its employees a high degree of flexibility and creative freedom.
  • Employees of the company may count on the support of highly qualified and experienced colleagues.

These elements offer a good balance between financial and non-financial motivators, and target potential employees who have a high level of social, self-development and self-esteem requirements and who usually are creative, flexible and enjoy challenging tasks.  

1 www.beres.hu/index.phtml?p=karrier viewed at 03.05.2008