10.1.6 Summary of the module

The key elements of this module refer to important aspects of managing innovative employees. Recruitment and selection activities aim to attract the most suitable candidates who have the knowledge and skills to perform the tasks of the vacant job, but also possess skills and personality supporting the innovative processes. These activities have two crucial points: elaboration and placement of the job advertisement and the selection interview. Employees’ knowledge and skills must be updated regularly in order to maintain their active participation in the continuous innovation process. The development may be carried out using a combination of on the job and off the job development methods and techniques. Motivating employees is a basic task of line managers. They should use a combination of financial and non-financial motivation techniques/rewards to satisfy innovative employees’ specific needs. An HR specialist/department can only help and support managers in performing these tasks effectively, but cannot substitute them. 

In this module you have learnt about aspects of HR management which aim to foster the innovation process in the company. Now you are able to:

  • prepare an attractive advertisement for a vacant job and place it correctly;
  • select the most suitable person for a vacant job, team and the company culture;
  • establish the development needs according to the strategy, the present needs of the jobs, and employees’ personal development needs;
  • use a variety of development methods in line with the characteristics of the competences to be developed;
  • analyse employees’ needs and expectations;
  • motivate employees combining financial and non-financial motivators.