10.2.3 Where to Use Your Knowledge Concerning Organisational Culture?

The main problem with the culture is that the most important elements influencing behaviour in the organisation cannot be seen. Only a thorough and deep analysis reveals these elements. You may use your knowledge about organisational culture in the following situations:

  • If there are general problems of productivity, performance, commitment, attitude to work and innovation, etc. and there is no particular reason for them (e.g. technology, organisation, lack of skills, low salary levels), then it is almost sure that the roots of the problem lie in the organisational culture, in employees’ and/or managers’ values and assumptions that shape the behaviour.
  • When things are going all right, but management would like to make improvements, to the company culture to provide better support for the innovation process.

Please stop and think: What is the situation in your own company concerning innovation. Have you experienced problems, which could be caused by the fact that the organisational culture does not suit the strategic goals and/or the innovation philosophy of the company?