11.5.5 Case study

Electronic muffler developer gains a new product, credibility & distribution:

Noise Cancellation Technologies, Inc. developed an electronic noise cancellation technology that could be used as a replacement for conventional automobile mufflers. The company teamed with muffler maker Walker Manufacturing to develop a revolutionary electronic muffler.

Noise Cancellation had the technology. Walker had automotive expertise, marketplace credibility and the manufacturing capability to deliver orders once they are placed. Together they used Walker's credibility to approach major customers and were able to get test installations on city buses in New York and Montreal.

Noise Cancellation got technical, marketing, and manufacturing resources. Walker got a leading edge technology to increase its profit margins in a price competitive industry.

The software company got funding to complete its line of compilers. Because it was not investor money, it never had to pay it back. It just had to provide a product.

Please stop and think: Can you remember any successful case study in your environment

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