7.3.3 Where to use

WIPO suggests the following main occasions, where SMEs companies can use IP strategy:

Regardless of what product your enterprise makes or what service it provides, it is likely that it is regularly using and creating a great deal of intellectual property. This being the case, you should systematically consider the steps required for protecting, managing and enforcing it, so as to get the best possible commercial results from its ownership.
Almost every SME has a trade name or one or more trademarks and should consider protecting them. Most of SMEs have valuable confidential business information from customers’ lists to sales tactics that they may wish to protect. A large number would have developed creative original designs. Some may have invented or improved a product or service.

In all cases, your SME should consider how best to use the IP system to its own benefit. Remember that IP may assist your SME in almost every aspect of your business development and competitive strategy: from product development to product design, from service delivery to marketing, and from raising financial resources to exporting or expanding your business abroad through licensing or franchising.1 

So have you ever heard your colleagues or managers talking about IP strategy or other IP terms at work? Have you ever noticed the copyright notices on your company website? Did you know that your company’s reputation might be attributed with the easily distinguished trademark it uses? Did you know that the citizens in western countries are bombarded by thousands of trademarks on average every day? So these are some examples showing us that IP is almost everywhere!

1 www.wipo.int/sme/en/ip_business/importance/relevant.htm