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New project started that transfers the InnoSupport guide

From 1st to 2nd February 2010 the consortium of the project 'InnoLocalSupp - Innovation Support in Local Environments' met for its kick-off meeting in Rostock, Germany. The 13 participants of the meeting came from 7 organisations representing 4 countries: Spain, Germany, Bulgaria and Hungary. It is a Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation Project in the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union.

This project is going to transfer the InnoSupport Guide to local environments in these four participating countries. The project targets especially small and micro enterprises. The direct involvement of enterpreneurial associations from Spain and Bulgaria in the project consortium guarantees a wide spread usage of the adapted guide.

To which extend the InnoSupport Guide needs to be adapted to the specific target group is matter of the Work Package 2 that will analyse the requirements in local environments in all four countries. By end of April 2010 we expect the results of this analysis.

The project promotor is Cinco Villas Enterpreneurial Association from the Aragón region in Spain supported by the Spanish coordinator INVESLAN from Bilbao. Further partners are the Business Information & Consulting Centre Sandanski (Bulgaria), the Agricultural University of Plovdiv (Bulgaria), NET-MEX Innovation and Training Ltd (Hungary) and LiNK and pro-kompetenz as German partners.

Martin (LiNK) presenting the InnoSupport Guide as it is now

Amaia (INVESLAN) chairing the meeting as coordinator

Stefan and Ivan (Agricultural University Plovdiv)

Diego (Cinco Villas Enterpreneurial Association) - our promotor

Nerea (INVESLAN) and Judith (Cinco Villas Enterpreneurial Association)



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