4.11.1 General possibilities for creativity in a locally interested micro-enterprise

Possible advantages of micro-enterprises:

  • Your processes and methods are flexible. There is no one controlling how you manage your work.
  • You are dependent on fewer factors and you are freer to do what you alone want. Maybe this was even the reason why you exactly started to work in an enterprise like this.
  • You have a few employees, which means, if just a few of you agree in a development, you can start implementing it.
  • You might have a more flexible time-management. In some ways it means you are working freely day and night. In other ways it might as well mean that  starting a creative process could also be managed by you. Some large enterprises on the other hand have a strict schedule to fulfil tasks, and many times it is not decided by the individual for themselves what they do and how they should do it.
  • Your opportunities do not have to be big regarding the size of the territory you work in. You do not have to think in reaching the whole country or continent. Your opportunities might be greater in width: you could think about opening up the scope of your activities with new products or services.

A few questions might help you where to start taking steps forward:

  • What is it that you always wanted to do?
  • Do you see any need as a hole on the market in your local area?
  • Have there been any changes locally in the needs of your clients?
  • Do you see other companies working in the same field which have a developed way of doing something?1



1 For more questions in detail see the self-assessment tool in the beginning of the Guide