4.11.2 Use your resources to foster creativity

Micro-enterprises have several resources that can enhance creativity. Build on the resources that you surely have.

  • Try to think positively yourself. Do not criticise the ideas you have. Try to encourage yourself by noticing your strength, and instead of criticism say what you want to develop. No one is perfect, support yourself the way you are.
  • Cooperate with people or companies nearby you. Maybe this will open up new ways, methods and solutions you have not seen till now1.
  • Surround yourself with interesting books, articles, newspapers. Spend time for your hobbies. They will strengthen your complex way of seeing things and keeps you up-to-date in modern methods
  • Try to look at things with curiosity. It works against stamping your routines in cement.
  • Ask inspiring questions often from your colleagues, clients, former university classmates, interesting people you meet by chance or even from your children – give space for new needs and methods to reach you.
  • Everyone has their own interests. Build on the interest of yourself and your colleagues. Write down to a paper your motivations (based on the questions in module 4.2.1 Step3.). Give yourself time for incubation and then try to think of ways to implement those ideas to enrich your services. Encourage your colleagues to do the same. Try to ask for opinions about these innovation-possibilities from each other or different individuals who have a way of thinking you trust.
  • You manage your own time: observe which part of the day or week is best for you for brainstorming new ideas. Try to include it in your schedule before-hand.


1 For more practical recommendations about connecting to networks see module 11 of this Guide