4.11.3 Your homepage – a means for enhancing creativity?

You might be small or micro but this does not matter nowadays when you can reach thousands simply by the internet. You can connect with people online to involve them in brainstorming and generating options. To use this opportunity here are some ideas to reach out for them:

  • It might be interesting to publish some of your ideas or products online. You can also write information for those who are in need. Some people are insecure to come and pay for someone they don’t know. Online possibilities work best to diminish this existing barrier by asking their opinions! Provide your contacts online to leave you notes.
  • Establish a forum or more using web 2.0 techniques. Static homepages these days are outdated. Look at the homepages of some of your competitors or enterprises that work abroad. Do you see any good idea they implement? Develop these ideas some more to involve your clients or potential clients in developing your service.1

Have you recently updated your homepage?
Can you think of any more ideas to update it?


1 For further reading see Chapter 11 of this guide for Open Innovation possibilities.