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Implementation of SWOT ANALYSIS in micro companies

InnolocalSupp - specific resources for mirco enterprises.

This article was written by Amaia San Cristobal, Inveslan (Bilbao, Spain). Inveslan is a member of the InnoLocalSupp project consortium.

Based on the information in the module, this contribution intends to focus on the implementation of SWOT in micro companies.
Please, check this proposal containing a set of inputs that can support you in the analysis of your company in order to define its position regarding to innovation. Why not use the SWOT analysis in your company for helping take some decisions about your company’s future? It could be a really motivational and empowering activity that can support you with to define the future strategy of your company/organisation.

SWOT_Analysis_in_micro_companies.pdf (File type: application/pdf, Size: 72.67 kilobytes) — 8200 downloads
Editha Tegler
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Written on: 18. 04. 2011 [17:42]