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Sustainable Products: Ecodesign Best Practice Examples from Austria, Germany, Ireland and the UK

Throughout the industrial age, new ideas have evolved into new products and it seems that new products are now constantly appearing, especially in recent years.

While many companies have worked at improving the processes by which products are manufactured from an environmental perspective, the limitations of these improvements are well documented in the continual increases in resource consumption and the generation of wastes and emissions.

Ecodesign as a concept is the application of cleaner production to the entire ecological live cycle of a product from raw material extraction to final disposal. Thus the focus has shifted from environmental management in the form of technologies that are applied after production or even during the production, to resource efficiency during all steps in the production phase – by improving the design of the product itself.

Ecodesign can also provide a means of establishing a long term vision of a company‘s future products and operations. In general, ecodesign is an enabling force to shape more sustainable patterns of production and consumption for the world.

In the attached book some of the best examples of ecodesign from Austria, Irland, Germany and England are presented.

The book has been developed in the framework of the EU LLP Project CREATIVE TRAINER II (

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