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CREATIVE TRAINER Module 'Idea Machine'

This is the script to the module 'Idea Machine' of the course CREATIVE TRAINER that takes place during 2011/2012 in Austria, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Ireland, UK, Bulgaria and Slovenia.

It serves as useful teaching and learning material for other trainers or directly for representatives of small and medium enterprises.

The module starts with basic considerations about generating ideas, defines concrete learning targets and finally goes into theoretical basic principles, followed by theoretical questions, exercises and examples of use. This script should help the trainer to run the module independently. The script additionally contains so called 'Idea Work Flows'. These work flows support a quick overview over the single steps in generating ideas with the 'Ideas Machine'. The last chapter of this manual finally contains internet links which can be used to further deepen knowledge.

Module Idea machine.pdf (File type: application/pdf, Size: 1.46 megabytes) — 8261 downloads
Martin Hagemann
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Written on: 14. 03. 2012 [16:09]