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A Global Web Community of Open Innovation

To achieve and maintain a competitive lead and create truly breakthrough discoveries, corporations and non-profits face the challenge of continually seeking out new ideas and solutions. By signing up as a Seeker organization, progressive organizations like yours can supplement internal R&D and Product Development resources by reaching out to some of the world's most creative thinkers -- people who thrive on solving tough challenges.

Accelerate Change

Tapping into the Solver community can generate more potential ideas and solutions, enabling Seekers to produce breakthrough products, accelerate their development cycles and stay ahead of the competition through innovation and faster time to market.

Confidentiality and Convenience

Become an InnoCentive Seeker to reach out to thousands of Solvers - scientists, inventors, engineers, business people and research organizations. It's easy and secure. Seeker and Solver identities are kept completely confidential, and InnoCentive manages the entire intellectual property (IP) transfer process.

Pay for Results -- Not Trial and Error

As a Seeker organization, you'll present your toughest problems in InnoCentive's Open Innovation Marketplace. Each Challenge is associated with a financial incentive, and payment is only made to the Solver who provides the solution that you select as the best for your requirements.
Martin Hagemann
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Written on: 06. 10. 2009 [13:45]